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Inspection News, Stories and Eventful Occurrances

"Attention To Detail"

As a Professional Home Inspector, I am trained to focus on certain aspects of the home and have attention to detail. I pay extra attention to safety areas such as electric panels and electrical components. This circuit breaker appeared to be normal upon observation but because of the "buzzing" sound, my infrared camera confirmed the issue of the breaker overheating. When you have your home inspection, always hire someone who is willing to pay extra attention to detail...hopefully you will contact me!

"Built-in remedies"

Many homes I inspect has visual shingle issues such as moss and algae, which may lead to advanced shingle deterioration. Pictured here is what appears to be a "Zinc strip." Zinc strips are installed near the ridge of the roof line and as the rain comes across this strip and flows down the shingle surface, it suppresses or eliminates the moss and algae growth. 

*This photo was taken by a drone, which ensures 100% visibility of the roof surface and chimney contents. 

Termite tunnel, insect tube, termites

"Money Items"

At every inspection, I start it with the intention of finding that "money item" for my client. The "Money Item" is that one find that may lead to detrimental damage and/or expensive repairs if left as-is. Termites and wood-destroying insects are a great example! 

 "Good Views"

Everywhere I go I try to take a moment and enjoy the good views. Some of the best views are early mornings in the Brevard, NC area! A few clients have requested these scenic photos to enjoy as a printed photo or canvas print on their wall. God's artwork is always on display no matter where we are of what we are doing...we just have to remember to observe and enjoy!

"Surprises Along The Way"

I see classic vehicles in garages during inspections occasionally and I just have to stare at them for a while to imagine the story and history of the vehicle. This one will always stick out in my memory. This was in a basement and seemed to be stuck in a tight spot...literally! In order for this rusty MG to be removed, the support posts for the rotted floor girder would have to be removed. I really had to take a minute to observe this classic display of rust and imagine what had been and what might not could be!



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